Liliane Taxi St Barts

French West Indies Driver

Phone: (+59) 0690 649 579


Welcome & Transfer

Experience, courtesy, avaiblability and elegance are the concepts of my learn how. My service is reserved for you 24/24, 7 days/7.

Upon your arrival at the Gustave II airport or at the harbor of Gustavia, your taxi driver will provides you a personalized welcome and transfers you to your hotel, or your villas.

For your holidays without stress and worries, for relax and enjoy, let you drive during all your stay :

  • To the beach,
  • For shopping,
  • For the restaurants,
  • For you appointements

Island Tour

You will enjoy this magic time on roads steep of Saint-Barth.

Here, green and blue colors are degraded in all the tones and the lanscapes are available to you for a real eyes pleasure.

From a village to another you will like the scenery of a french island cradled on the sweetness Caribbean and the scent of the tradewinds

But Saint-Barth is also a historic town and we love to talk about it with passion.


We can organize your own journey acording to your wishes and suggestions.

Private Driver

You can use your taxi driver for an hour, a day or for all your stay. Do not hesitate to contact us.

The service will be adapted to your needs.

St Barth by night

In Saint-Barth, you will appreciate restaurants, but also bars and nights clubs.

My experience is reserved for you because the road has not to becoming a problem for your night out. Made you drive.

Weddings and Event

This day is yours and I am available to help you to personalize your stay upon your arrival.

A shuttle service can be established to transport guest from their villa and hotel to the celebration and/or place of receipt.

Avoid any logistiq reasons I will organized everything for you. Think only to the day!

TEL.+0590 (0) 690 649 579 | EMAIL.
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